Best Antivirus Software

Frank  — October 7, 2018  · 

We currently we have reviewed and ranked the 9 most popular and best antivirus services.

This includes many of the most popular providers including McAfee Antivirus and Norton Antivirus.

Best Antivirus Scores

We ranked and reviewed all antivirus software on a variety of factors including price, protection, features, support, and overall value.

Here’s what we did in order to find out the best antivirus provider:

  1. Bought each of the 9 antivirus packages.
  2. Installed each antivirus product on a clean computer
  3. Tried out their customer support.
  4. Examined their various packages and renewal pricing
  5. Determined how successful each was at wiping out viruses, adware, and malware.
  6. Published reviews (and still accepting user reviews).

9 Best Antivirus Software for 2018

Earnings disclosure: Some of the antivirus services listed on this page contain affiliate links. This helps us to cover the expenses of testing. Thanks for your support!


1. Intrusta: Complete security at a great price

Intrusta AntivirusScore: 4.4/5
Pricing: Starts at $24.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Live Chat, Email, Ticket
Money Back Guarantee:
30 Days

Protect yourself with Intrusta Antivirus

The newest provider on our list which checks all the boxes and comes with great support and unbeatable pricing. 

Read why we rated Intrusta #1st in our reviews


2. McAfee Antivirus: Good protection for all your devices

McAfee Antivirus Free

Score: 4.2/5
Pricing: Starts at $24.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Live Chat, Email, Ticket
Money Back Guarantee:
30 Days

Get Our McAfee Antivirus Discount

The company offers an entire suite of protection products for both consumers and businesses, but one of its most popular products is the Total Protection antivirus software.

Read why we rated McAfee Antivirus #2nd in our reviews

3. Kaspersky Antivirus: Strong Test Results, Questionable Privacy Issues

Kaspersky Antivirus

Score: 4.0/5
Pricing: Starts at $29.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Limited Phone & Chat
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Buy Kaspersky Antivirus

Nearly perfect test scores and a clean interface make this a solid pick for anyone looking for a bit advanced features.

Read why we rated Kaspersky Antivirus #3rd in our reviews

4. Norton Antivirus: Stalwart of the Industry

Norton Antivirus

Score: 3.8/5
Pricing: Starts at $29.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Live Chat, Phone
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Get Norton Antivirus

Norton has been through a variety of ups and downs in its history, but today it offers a reliable antivirus lineup.

Read why we rated Norton Antivirus #4th in our reviews

5. AVG Antivirus: Free Version Is Good, Paid is Better

AVG Antivirus Free

Score: 3.4/5
Pricing: Starts at $79.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Limited Phone & Chat
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Buy AVG Antivirus

Free version with everything you need for basic protection. Tons of customization options for a better user experience.

Read why we rated AVG Antivirus #5th in our reviews

6. Bullguard Antivirus: Entry Level Protection

Bullguard Antivirus

Score: 3.4/5
Pricing: Starts at $29.97/yr for 1 device
Support: Live Chat, Email, Ticket
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Get Bullguard Antivirus Discount

Easy-to-use antivirus protection that is more affordable than many other competitors on the market. Great Game Booster mode for gamers.

Read why we rated Bullguard Antivirus #6th in our reviews

7. Panda Antivirus: The Logo Is Cute But Leaves Something To Be Desired…

Panda Antivirus

Score: 3.2/5
Pricing: Starts at $24.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Live Chat, Email, Ticket
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Activate Panda Antivirus Discount

Solid independent test results. Extra features like USB Protection and game mode give more protection and performance.

Read why we rated Panda Antivirus #7th in our reviews

8. Heimdal Antivirus: Kooky Name, Good Protection

Heimdal Security Antivirus

Score: 2.6/5
Pricing: Starts at ~$52.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Email and Online
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Activate Heimdal Antivirus Discount

Comprehensive and in-depth traffic monitoring and protection. Super clean and easy-to-use interface.

Read why we rated Heimdal Security #8th in our reviews

9. Avast Antivirus: Free version but expensive paid upgrades

Avast Antivirus

Score: 2.4/5
Pricing: Starts at $24.99/yr for 1 device
Support: Live Chat, Email, Ticket
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Activate Avast Discount

Great independent test results against malware and phishing. Tons of extra features.

Read why we rated Avast #9th in our reviews

About Our Antivirus Software Review Process

Unlike other websites, we actually purchase, download, and use the antivirus software featured on this website. For that reason, the amount of software we review is limited. We only cover the products and services that warrant your time.

We rate each of the products on 5 key factors which include:

  • Introductory Price and Renewal Pricing. For many products on our lists, they offer great introductory pricing to get you in the door. After your initial term is completed, they typically will renew you at a normal “regular rate.” With ever-changing threats appearing daily, it is important that the antivirus and security products you purchase are affordable. We have factored pricing heavily in our consideration set.
  • Protection and Security. You buy an antivirus tool to protect your computers and devices from viruses, malware, spyware, worms, rootkits, and your in-laws. (Okay, kidding about that last one!) The point is, while no product can guarantee 100% elimination and prevention, if the protection isn’t very good, the tool is not useful. We want to make sure you get a solution that you can feel confident about.
  • Support and Communication. Have you ever noticed that computers tend to have problems when you can least afford to have them? For example, before a term paper is due or that big presentation is about to happen in an hour. If you need help installing your antivirus software or need extra help removing a threat, how helpful is the provider? And how can you get a hold of them – on a holiday or at 2 am? These are all important considerations that we do not take lightly.
  •  Features and Utility. An antivirus product is hypothetically simple – it removes virus threats. But many antivirus providers build in additional tools and features to compete against each other. One of our favorites includes a game booster mode. Another includes USB protection. Regardless, of what you pick, as a consumer, you win. But how useful are each of the tools? In this category, we look to see what is real and what is fluff.
  • Overall Value. While this category is a bit nebulous, we look at how much value each tool brings. Is something overpriced, or too cheap? Is there a catch? Some of this up to our discretion and some of this is gets adjusted over time with what YOU, our readers tell us. We take heavy consideration into how you rate and score each product.

We automatically have eliminated antivirus products with questionable billing practices, poor support, or patch-work protection from our top-10 list so you don’t have to waste time on the duds. But, as we get more resources (be sure to buy from us to help support!) we will add more reviews of providers.

See The Best Antivirus Scores

Each of these factors is rated on a scale of 1-5, making up a total of 25 points. We then reduce it into a 5 point scale for an overall score that we update regularly.

Cut to the Chase: Which Antivirus Software is the Best?

Intrusta is our favorite and highest rated antivirus product. It offers great protection, good support, and transparent pricing. They are continuously building out many useful features. While they are new to the market, we’ve talked to their founders and found them to be incredibly trustworthy and dedicated to ensuring you can buy and forget worrying about antivirus protection.

Do I Really Need Antivirus Software?

Yes! No matter if you have a Mac or PC, you need antivirus protection. There are new threats being found in the wild  – almost hourly! Even if you have a brand new computer with the latest patches applied, that is not enough protection.

Antivirus software has three key functions: 1) Finds and scans your computer (and incoming email, downloads) against known viruses and malware. 2) Safely eliminates or quarantines threats. 3) Prevents new threats from infecting your device in the future.

Antivirus software also provides peace of mind. Think of all the personal information on your computer – photos, tax returns, business information. With an up to date antivirus program, you can rest easy that your information will stay private and secure.

Does My Computer Come with Antivirus Software?

Some PC’s do come bundled with antivirus software. Typically the bundled software is an introductory subscription or a reduced offering.

Both Norton and McAfee Antivirus are favorites that PC makers bundle. We recommend using an antivirus product that works best for your needs.

Because many of the bundled offerings are typically limited in functionality, you might be giving up some key features and security by not spending a few extra bucks and buying a full version as we have reviewed on this website.