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Our Highest Rated Antivirus Software of 2018

Frank  — October 9, 2018  ·  Read user reviews

Company/Software Overview

Intrusta is a newer player in the cybersecurity space. They’ve brought in an approach to the market that makes us big fans, and it’s already catching a lot of attention amongst new users.  

Their popularity stems from combining a full suite of security protection with being the simplest, most transparent company that we’ve found. This is why they’re also our top rated and most recommended product from the editors here at AntivirusBasics.

What’s so great about Intrusta Antivirus Software?

We all want antivirus software that is easy to set up and allows us to not have to continuously worry about the threats and security vulnerabilities circulating the web. 

Simple to Use & Easy to Set up:

We’ve found many antivirus software providers to be outdated, complicated and overall not very user-friendly Intrusta has taken an entirely different approach. Their tag line, “Security. Simplified.”, lets you understand where they’ve put in a lot of the effort.

New user setup is quick and very straightforward. They make their dashboard simple to understand and navigate. Intrusta also makes it easy to manage and maintain multiple devices.

Intrusta Device Status

Complete Security:

We had concerns before our review due to Intrusta being a newer provider but we were quickly put at ease when we learned that the technology behind their software is used by millions of devices worldwide. The software eliminates viruses just as effectively as you will find across any of the other more established antivirus providers.

Through real-time and smart scanning options, Intrusta also brings you proactive protection against malware, adware, spyware, ransomware and more.

One concern many users have with antivirus software is that it can adversely slow down your computer and reduce your battery life due to constantly running in the background. During our testing we found Intrusta performed well here, with efficient scanning that didn’t bring noticeable performance issues like we have found on some of the other software out there.

Intrusta scan

Transparent Pricing:

Pricing is another area Intrusta sought out to change. There’s been a long reputation across antivirus providers of questionable billing practices. Customers often report being duped on pricing changes as well as being heavily upsold additional products that are required to properly secure your computer.

Intrusta makes it easy to understand what you’re buying. All needed security features are included in each of their packages. You simply decide how many devices you need to protect.

They have a special introductory price (available for our readers) and a clearly displayed renewal price, which is often even lower than the introductory price of their competitors.

Here’s an example of how price competitive Intrusta is:

Intrusta pricing

Prices taken as of 10/18/18. Kaspersky limits to 3 devices starting only. Norton “Deluxe” was used for up to 5 devices.

Special Pricing Tip: Make sure to click on the Visit Intrusta link on this page for an exclusive deal for AntivirusBasics readers.

Customer Service:

Intrusta provides phone support, live chat assistance and email support. Some of the most frequent feedback that we’ve received is surrounding Intrusta’s service and support. They’re gaining a reputation for being helpful and going above and beyond for customers.

They’re also building out an in depth knowledge base that is available both on their website as well as inside the application itself for quick and easy advice and assistance for any do it yourself needs.

What could be better at Intrusta?

The biggest downside we could find with Intrusta was that they’re a newer provider versus the other more established companies. There’s less historical testing of their software and less information available about them.

However, after testing their software, contacting their customer service department (and even speaking with the Intrusta management team directly), we are incredibly confident having them as our top rated antivirus software provider of 2018.

Intrusta also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product, simply contact them and they will quickly take care of it and provide you a full refund.

Do we recommend Intrusta? YES, we do!

Here’s why Intrusta is our top recommended antivirus product of 2018:
Intrusta is checking all the boxes and combining ease of use with complete protection at competitive prices. Intrusta sought out to bring a new approach to the industry and they’re doing so.

We found that they offer everything you’d be looking for in antivirus software – powerful technology, ease of use, a great customer service team, competitive pricing and a money back guarantee. Sign up today with Intrusta to start protecting your devices from vulnerabilities.

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P.S. We’re always interested in receiving real customer reviews. If you’ve used Intrusta, please tell us what you think!

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