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Frank  — October 7, 2018  ·  Read user reviews

Here at AntivirusBasics we do our best to help customers across the world select the right antivirus software at the best cost. But we know that there is more than our own opinions and reviews. Nothing is more helpful than reading someone else’s review – which is why we want yours!

We need real customers – like YOU – to tell us what you think. 

  • Does the antivirus software protect your computer?
  • Are there any cool features we may have missed that you love?
  • When the antivirus software is running as can, does it slow your computer?

The good, the bad, less desirables – as long as it’s real.

If you’re using (or have used) any of the antivirus providers we reviewed on our site, please take a few minutes to tell us about your experience.

Current antivirus providers you can leave a review:

Avast, Panda, list list list list list list

Your reviews can help people choose the best antivirus software :-).

Frequently Asked Questions

“What should I talk about in my review?”

We’d love to hear a bit about the antivirus software you chose, and if it performs up to your standards. We’d also like to know how what plan you purchased (if you did) and how much it cost.

“Will I get credit for my review?”

Absolutely. If we publish your story, we’ll let everyone know you sent it in. Send us a photo, and we’ll add it to your review.

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